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Encyclopedia of Arab economic integration of Africa


Is one of the achievements of Arab-African cooperation inter-Arab League and African Union Commission in economic cooperation in order to provide base data and economic information, including all Arab and African countries and guide commercial, industrial and agricultural to facilitate access to information and corporate data, institutions and factories and services, exporters, importers and investors to increase inter-Arab trade, African and definition investment opportunities and open new horizons for investors and businessmen. Exhibitions, conferences and festivals aimed at understanding and communication between businessmen and investors, Arab, African and exhibitions of an international Arab and African countries to identify the Arab and African products internationally .




Encyclopedia published in Arabic, English and French on:


*- A website and the location of the Encyclopedia of the Arab League and the location of the AU Commission

And research sites with the work of the World links with all sites of the Arab Economic and African countries.


*- CD and printed volumes for the sponsors and advertisers in the encyclopedia.




*- Ladies and gentlemen of business and industry, trade and investment.


*- Arab Chambers of Commerce and African business associations and investors.


*- Exhibitions, conferences and meeting places of business.


*- Arab and African Unions Specialized.


*- Extension of trade to all Arab and African embassies in the world.



*- Encyclopedia offices and agents in the Arab and African countries.