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Exhibitions, conferences and festivals Arab-African

Exhibitions, conferences and festivals Arab-African


Conferences and Exhibitions is the best way to combine business and define their products and to identify their problems and to contract with other companies to sell their products and identify markets in the Arab and African countries, thus contributing to increased trade and increase investment opportunities and joint cooperation and economic development.


1 - The Encyclopedia of Arab economic integration of Africa the organization of specialized exhibitions of products of Arab and African capitals, Arab and African countries in collaboration with companies in Arab and African countries where each company is responsible for the regulation of that country to maintain state sovereignty and the other companies cooperating with them in marketing.


2 - Cooperation with the specialized associations and chambers of commerce of both Arab and African in his specialty to ensure the success of the exhibitions.


3 - Can host a foreign guest of honor of the show and change in each gallery to allow an exhibition of Arab products and African territory in response to the host.


4 - Has been set up conferences and Economic forums to discuss ways of industrial and agricultural development, trade and services, investment and marketing in all fields between officials and businessmen in the Arab and African countries.


5 - Establishment of Arab and African festivals joint (tourist and technical) to learn the traditions of the peoples.


The proposed plan for exhibitions and festivals:


1 - Africa International Exhibition


2 Gallery - African Print


3 - Fair Poultry Sudan


4 - Gallery - Africa Agricultural


5 - I am Arab Festival 2011


6 - Festival of Arab tourism VI 2011