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Tourism in the Arab world

 Tourism in the Arab world
  Religious monuments

There is the Arab world's largest number of religious places is the first shrine in the world where tourism accounts for a significant amount of income for these countries

Islamic monuments

- The Grand Mosque in Saudi Arabia

- The Prophet's Mosque in Saudi Arabia

- Al-Aqsa Mosque in Palestine

- Al-Azhar mosque in Egypt

- Al-Azhar University in Egypt

- Sultan Hassan mosque in Egypt

- Al-Hussein mosque in Egypt

- Bani Umayyad Great Mosque in Syria

- University of villagers in Fez in Morocco

- Hassan II Mosque in Morocco

- Abu Hanifa Mosque in Baghdad, Iraq

- Great Mosque in Samarra, Iraq

- Great Mosque of Kairouan Kairouan in Tunisia

- Zitouna Mosque in Tunis.

Christian monuments

Church of the Resurrection in Jerusalem in Palestine

Church of the Nativity in Bethlehem, Palestine

Church of the Annunciation in Nazareth, Palestine

Hanging Church in Cairo

St. Catherine's Monastery in Sinai


The Arab world is an attractive place for tourists from all over the world, for the vast spread in the Middle East

Among the most important cultural landmarks 

Egypt: Pyramids of Giza and the effects of Luxor and Aswan and Tel el-Amarna, Alexandria and Cairo and ancient Memphis and Thebes and Edfu and St. Catherine.

Saudi Arabia: Madain Saleh, Mecca and Medina, the old city of Jeddah and the effects of the owners of the groove in Najran and Castle Tarot Qatif and the King Abdul Aziz Historical and effects Dir'iya Riyadh            

Algeria: the shrine of the martyr in the capital, Hoggar Mountains Tamanrasset, Taghit Bashar, lip picturesque Medea, Yama Koraah Bejaia, nozzle Madna b Laghouat resulting from the second-largest meteorite, arc Caracalla fall market Ahras, Timgad and beautiful relics Bbatna and Setif, Kala, Guelma, Ghardaia, Constantine , Skikda, Jijel, Tlemcen and all tourist areas

Oman: Nizwa Fort, Majlis al Jinn, Hote Cave, Salalah, Masirah, Daymaniyat, Fort Jibreen, Alaajh, Al Ashkhara, the port of Tyre, Jalali and Mirani Castle, Muscat, Sultan Qaboos Grand Mosque, Muttrah Souk 

Libya: Leptis Magna effects, Sabratha, Cyrene, Zlmath, Lake Gaberoun, Tripoli's old city, Arch Marcus Aurelius, Serail red, green church in Tarhuna.

Morocco: the effects of Tangier, Fez, Meknes, Rabat and new -

Syria: Palmyra and raised afamia and Bosra and Dura-Europos and Old Damascus, Aleppo and Shahba and Ramita and Maloula and Amrit and Mary and Ugarit and Sidnaya and Arwad and Carchemish and Rusafa

Jordan: the effects of Irbid and Jerash, Petra and the Dead Sea and Aqaba, Zarqa, Salt and Ain Ghazal, Madaba and Amman WAM Qais, Karak, Ajloun –

Iraq: the effects of Babylon, Nimrud and Ekrkov and Ur, Baghdad and Samarra, Hit, Nineveh and Assyria and the cities and Fort Ukhaydir in the Middle Euphrates and the role twisted Abu DLF

Palestine: the effects of Jericho, Jerusalem and Ashkelon, Bethlehem and Beit She'an and the Galilee, Hebron, Tiberias and the Negev Sebastia, Nablus and the Dead Sea

Lebanon: Sidon, Baalbek, Byblos, Tyre and Beirut

Tunisia: El Jem, Carthage, Kairouan and Mahdia 

Sudan: Pyramids of Meroe and Mount kicker

Yemen: bridging the biblical Temple Marib, Aden and Sana'a old

Kuwait: Failaka, Kuwait Wall

 And a lot of other cities and regions