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Agriculture in Africa, the World Food basket

Agriculture in Africa, the World Food basket

Characterized the African continent enormous agricultural potential in terms of soil and water resources qualify because global food table are par excellence, and that if they have the necessary conditions for the establishment of a global agricultural projects aimed at meeting the needs of the population Alkrhalerdah of food ..

Africa Petrptha rich territory pristine that have not grown yet and renewable sources of water and rainfall heavy social structure is complex, in which the savage capitalism has not taken root yet, can offer a solution global food crisis began to loom landmarks on the horizon threatens hunger threatens hundreds of millions of people in different continents of the world until continents industrially developed ..

It is the continent where the soil has different levels and types of rich soil, as well as a variety of agricultural seasons, and form

High productive potential of agricultural land ratio of 8% of the area of the continent, with an area of 2,300,000 km 2,

Of which 700,000 km2 land with excellent potential is concentrated in the Ethiopian plateau and the Nile Delta, and 1.6 million km2 with good potential and are concentrated in the central and south-east of the continent and in some western regions .. and serve this land for the cultivation of tropical living or irrigated with livestock, as well as the cultivation of cash (Nakheel oil, cotton, cocoa, peanuts, coffee and tobacco) and the cultivation of grain and fruit trees.

The good productivity potential lands constitute 35% of the continent area and covers an area of 12.9 million km 2 b

The spread between the coastal strip to the north of the continent and central-east and south, including 700,000 km 2 land with good potential, and 1.6 million km 2 medium possibilities to good, and 8.2 million km 2, with relatively good possibilities, and to serve this land for the cultivation of irrigated trees fruitful, and cash crops (palm oil, cotton and cocoa and peanuts ), also serve as pasture for livestock .. The medium productive potential land 17% of the continent's space area estimated at (17.9 million km 2), and to serve this land for the cultivation of fruit trees, and crops irrigated (vegetables), the cultivation of living (oat and corn), and the cultivation of cash (peanuts and cotton) and livestock. The weak productive potential of the land area in the field of food 27000000 km2 and is suitable pasture for camels and goats ..

And spread across the continent this acreage vast and suitable for the production of various types of food, and investments financial considerable With political stability, an international design to invest these enormous potential human in favor of Africa can be the savior of mankind from the specter of terrible hunger excreted by the imperialist policies savage capitalism on over the past decades ..


The continent has the vast natural resources of water, agriculture, energy and mining areas did not take advantage of most of them yet, unlike the situation in the rest of the continents of the world, which are almost depleted most of its resources, which would qualify Africa despite the current obstacles to become "the world's food basket" and because the lead locomotive of the world economy in the not too distant future, according to forecasts and analyzes of international experts.

The world's breadbasket also called on the African continent, comprising 60 percent of the arable land is unused after the world's enough to exploit 80 million hectares of this land in the Democratic Republic of Congo alone to feed two billion people around the world instead of Africans suffer hunger deadly (the equivalent of the population of continents of Africa, Europe and Australia)

By 2030, can the agricultural sector and food industries in Africa create a market value of $ 1,000 billion, in the case of the exploitation of the most powerful of these water resources in agriculture, according to a recent report of the World Bank entitled "Africa's growth, the potential of the industrials food.

Even today, did not take advantage of agricultural land in Africa by "Arabs" only 2 percent of the renewable water resources of the mouse, this huge water resources and potential of enormous agricultural potential is reflected in the competition rages currently on the cultivation of vast tracts of African land fertile among potential Asian countries huge population and Gulf Arab states rich with desert climate.

In this context, China has invested so far in the cultivation of about 1.5 million hectares of agricultural land in Cameroon, Mozambique, Uganda and Tanzania, the same case for India and Japan, which Istthmran respectively 1.0006 million hectares and 900 hectares in Africa.