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Declaration of the African Tripartite Free Trade Area - COMESA – SADC - EAC

Declaration of the African Tripartite Free Trade Area


The launch of the African Free Trade Area between the three blocs of Sharm el-Sheikh
COMESA and the Southern African Development Community SADC and EAC 
Tripartite Free Trade Area, which combines the three blocs are aimed at supporting the development efforts of the African continent, where constitute the region an integrated market of 26 countries with a combined population of 625 million people, equivalent to 57% of the population of Africa, and contribute a total GDP $ 1.6 trillion, as well as its contribution equivalent to 58% of the GDP of the African continent

•Economic indicators forthe African countries members of the Tripartite Free Trade Area.

•Investment opportunities in Africancountries members of the TripartiteFree Trade Area .

• Definition of the three groupings of African (COMESA - SADC - EAC).

• Text of the draft document Sharm el-Sheikh Declaration of the African TripartiteFree Trade Area.

• The preferential COMESA Free Trade Agreement (COMESA).

• Chambers of Commerce and Industry of the Member States.

• Government portal to the Member States.

• Arab financial institutions and African

• Commercial directory Member States.