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Investment and trade between Arab and African countries

Investment and trade between Arab and African countries 

Investment opportunities in Africa and many multiple is the extraction of precious and base metals fertile ground for competition between investors take advantage of this huge wealth and that global demand has increased, such as iron, copper, bauxite, uranium, mercury, platinum, chrome, gold and diamonds are South Africa and the Democratic Republic of Congo, the first source of cobalt, platinum and is the source of Guinea first bauxite black and gold centered in southern Sudan, Angola and many African countries have tremendous wealth of gold from East Africa to South Africa from north to west.

Investment opportunities in the field of agriculture in Africa is promising, especially the availability of fertile land and water flowing makes Africa's food basket of the world and it is known that the Arab countries imported 58 million tons of its grain needs in 2007. This allows Arab investment that covers Ajtaajath of food through investment in Africa the lowest cost to ensure food security for the Arab world as a whole.

Cotton cultivation is considered one of the most plantings deployed in Africa are regarded as Africa is the second exporter of cotton in the world and this makes the investment opportunities in the field of textile and promising in Africa, especially that most of the Arab countries imported clothing from either China or Europe or America and some Asian countries, and this reduces the unit high prices of these clothes if a competitor entered the market has a huge cotton gear and preparing for global competition.

Of Africa's leading Arab investment models are:
DP World Foundation: -
The Dubai Foundation signed an agreement for operating and developing Dakar container terminal in Senegal as the management of the Djibouti port and international airport Djibouti International has established oil port in Djibouti, a port of Doraleh which is in the process of contract agreement for the management of ports in Tanzania, Kenya, South Africa and Mozambique institution and have a number of projects such as hotels in South Africa.

UAE's telecom company:

There telecommunications company in the African market since 2005, where the company owns nine mobile networks "mobile" in Africa, including Benin, Burkina Faso, Nigeria, Cameroon, Mali and works in partnership with the local supervisor of communications governments and the private sector.

Ras Al Khaimah Investment Metals Company "United Arab Emirates" 

It works in the field of extraction of metals such as copper, cobalt and lime in the Republic of Congo. 

Kharafi Group "Kuwait"

Group has invested in Africa since early 1990 in the tourism, construction, hotel management sector is working in South Africa, Ethiopia, Gambia Group owns a number of hotels.

  Zain "Kuwait"

The company in 2007 bought 75% of the shares of Western Tlsnmr company in Ghana, the company operates in 15 African countries the company has invested about $ 6 billion and has 36.9 million subscribers and is one of the leading companies in the continent. 

Kuwaiti Company for African Investment:

 The company invested in the financial sector, real estate and tourism sector in Senegal, Algeria and Morocco

Ona's Omnium North Africa "Morocco" group:

This includes the company's field of activity in the food industry and the mining sector and metal industries.

Maroc Telecom:

 It operates in Burkina Faso and Gabonomali

 Orascottiljkom company "Egypt"

A company owned by the Egyptian Sawiris Myardir It works in Zimbabwe, Burundi, Central Africa and Nambyiba

The Swedish company Cables

 The company invested in the energy and power sector in Africa in Ghana, Zambia, Ethiopia, Kenya, Nigeria, and Uganda Sraleon 

Midroc Group of Sheikh Mohammed Al Amoudi "Saudi Arabia"

 The company owns a number of investment projects in the field of hotels, food, construction and working in Ethiopia since 1996 in the areas of multiple investments fall below Aktrmen 41 companies operating in agriculture, industry, tourism, manufacturing, oil and gas company owns companies in Morocco, Djibouti, Kenya, Uganda, Sudan and South Africa.