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Conventions of Arab and African

Conventions of Arab and African

 *- General Agreement on cooperation between the League of Arab States and the African Union


* - Agreement to Facilitate and Develop Trade among Arab States (customs facilitation)


*- The declaration of the Greater Arab Free Trade


 * - Trade Area of the Greater Arab Free (introductory guide)


* - Convention on the promotion and protection of investments and the transfer of capital between Arab countries


 * - Convention on the Settlement of Investment Disputes in the Arab countries


 * - Free Trade Agreements and preferential COMESA countries (COMESA)


 * - The Unified Economic Agreement between the States of the Gulf Cooperation Council


 * - Agreement on establishing a free trade area between the Mediterranean Arab countries (the Agadir Declaration)


* - Treaty Establishing the African Economic Community Abuja


* - Declaration of Durban - South Africa 


* - The Accra Declaration

* - The Arab Economic and Social Development (Kuwait Declaration)