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Africa In Numbers And Information

Africa In Numbers And Information


Ranked second among the continents in terms of area and the third in terms of population and the continent of Asia only cover a larger area of them, Garta Asia and Europe only the most populous of them, occupy one fifth of the world Africa, yet carry almost the price of its population.


 Africa is home to a diameter of 53 independent, as well as many political units Alakharyookpr diameters Sudan area of 2,505,813 km 2 and more populous countries in Africa, Nigeria (132) million, but that one fifth of its population of less than five million people.




 Africa is the home of the human race first, wherein was found the first traces of man as evidenced by the presence of bones of fossils discovered in parts of Eastern and Southern Africa have concluded that scientists from the fact that the evidence that early humans lived two million years ago in Africa.




 Characterized by the African continent as Plateau vast cut a little mountain ranges, and encompass some destination in a narrow coastal plain is a continent of diversity amazing natural wonders great are Zwobac trees towering Sradega green thick scale forest Tropical rain in western and central Africa and north stretch the largest desert in the world - the desert Great - an area equal to an area of the United States almost all, Africa's longest river in the world, the Nile River being a distance of 6.400 km north east of Africa and most of the continent green lawns and live elephants, giraffes, lions, zebras and other animals, many in the territory of grass in the east and south, but the fishing and the removal of grass and forest -mediated farmers have significantly reduced the numbers of wild animals on the continent.




 Africa is an area of 30,251,000 km

2 as Africa is divided into two main




Lower Africa-1


2 – Africa's top, as Africa is divided into six provinces of the lower

1 - Coastal lowlands

2 - Northern Highlands         

3 - desert plateau  

4 - the Western Plateau          

5 - Nile Basin          


Congo Basin, Africa is divided into five upper small areas are 6-


1- Groove zone        

2 - Eastern Highlands        

3 - South Plateau                

4 - Coastal lowlands            

5 - Madagascar




 Characterized most of Africa and climate warm or hot, but humidity and rainfall varies significantly from one region to another and are located in Africa's largest tropical region compared to other continents and be fair to the equator, the continent and is about 90% of the territory between the tropics and the alternate seasons south of the equator in the form of the opposite of what the North but temperatures are generally high in all regions of the continent




 The number of people in Africa according to estimates in 2009 (870) million and a population density reached 32 people / km 2 and the distribution of 70% in rural areas and 30% in urban areas


 Belongs peoples of Africa to several ethnic groups and diverse civilizational backgrounds in the north, for example, most of the people the Arabs, but in the South, where the lives of most Africans, blacks are the majority population but are distributed to more than 800 ethnic groups each with their own language, religion and activities of private and fact the large number of ethnic groups of varying sizes made it difficult for many African countries to grow as nations united and modern




 Top of Africa the world in the production of cocoa, cassava, soybeans, cashews, cloves, palm kernel and soybean vanilla and yam as well as Africa is a major producer of bananas, coffee, cotton, peanuts, rubber, sugar, tea, and there are areas of arable land not utilized and educated Africans, more than two thirds of the world's beauty and a third of goats and seven head of cattle and sheep in the world




 Also contributes to the mining of more than half of export earnings in Africa and South Africa is the first producer of gold in the world and come to Libya, Nigeria and Algeria in the top oil-producing countries in the world and produces Africa as well as three- quarters of world production of cobalt and more than two-fifths of world production of vanadium, about a third of global production chromium, manganese, platinum, Africa is also the main producer of copper, diamonds, phosphate, uranium and other meanings that are produced in the continent antimony, iron ore, natural gas and tin.




Leading manufacturing a minor role in the African economy has been interest in agriculture and mining base in the past the attention of the colonial agriculture and mining until you get the industry in Europe on what you need from raw materials At the present time, we find nations African arising with how important raw materials, but has no industry can not many African countries meet the high costs to build plants also suffer from lack of skilled labor and a shortage of administrators, technicians, and add each competition, the U.S. and European industries have not been encouraging the development of a real industry in Africa


 South Africa is the most industrialized countries in Africa, it produces five goods manufactured in the continent




 Bring fishing fleets along the African coast large quantities of anchovies, mackerel, sardines, tuna and other types of fish and Africa exports most of these fish in the form of fish oil or fish meal.


 Foreign Trade


 Exports: contribute to Africa is estimated at only 4% of the total value of imports and exports in international trade and are exported nearly a quarter of total production for the continent to the outside and contribute to oil has more than half of exports and then came commodities, cocoa, coffee, cotton, gold and natural gas at the top of the list of other exports


 Imports: food, iron and steel, equipment and vehicles




Advantage of Africa's tourism Lml by the impacts of historical monuments, religious and beaches extended to the Atlantic Ocean and the Indian Ocean, the Mediterranean and Red Sea, despite the presence of hotels and resorts in some countries, but lacks many countries for hotels, resorts, therefore, Africa needs a lot of tourism investment.


 With cities in Africa through better communication and rural areas of each of these cities newspapers local and provide more than 20 countries from Africa services of TV and but there is only about (11) million TV in all of Africa an average of one machine for every 50 people is a radio and a means of mass communication basic telephone services is limited to some extent on the cities.